After Nearly Three Years of Not Letting in Any New Members, the Publication that has had Multiple Names Since 2010, is Said to be Finally Opening Its Doors Once Again to New Subscribers

Ater a Three Years Wait, METHOD HOW Report is believed to Finally be Opening its Doors Again to Join its Newsletter known as the METHOD HOW Report

After Three Long Years of Highs and Lows of Expectation

For some who have been waiting three long years for this, the opening up again of the METHOD HOW Report to allow new subscribers is a time of relief and excited anticipation. The METHOD HOW Report has had multiple names throughout the years starting in 2010 with the launch of the decade long tradition of the Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show. But then, approximately three years ago to not allow any new subscribers were allowed to join the newsletter at that point entitled ‘USA Make a Difference‘.


Why the doors were shut in the first place is unknown, although some have speculated it was because the content of what is now known as the METHOD HOW Report, began revealing information on strategy use as a means of building up a company, that some did not want their competitors to have access to.


Whatever the reason that the doors were locked shut, they will, we are told, be opening again soon. Though, no exact date has been announced, it is generally thought to be at some point before the month of January, 2023, ends. We will announce any news as it comes in! Please be patient.